Test Preparation Checklist

Bank Preparation Checklist

Prior to the Test:

  • Submit a project request to core processor account representative based on their established procedures and    required lead-time.
  • Provide Recovery Solutions with the core processor project number.
  • Schedule a pre-test planning call with Recovery Solutions and your third-party IT Vendor (if applicable).
  • Obtain Recovery Solutions travel information (if required).
  • Obtain Recovery Solutions VMware instructions (if required).
  • Ship the Bank’s encrypted external USB hard drive with virtual images to RS by agreed upon date. Do not include encryption password in this package. RS will contact the bank to obtain this password when the drive is received.
  • Develop a test script. Send a copy of the script (without confidential customer information) to Recovery Solutions prior to the test date.
  • Define Bank test team roles and responsibilities.​

Business Internet Website Testing:

  • Be sure that digital certificates required for secure access to Internet Websites you plan to test are contained on the virtual images of the applicable PC workstation or a file server.
  • Is network security in place within an Internet Website that will prevent access from the Recovery Solutions IP address? If so, provide the business partner with the RS public IP address at least 30 days in advance of the test date. Request that they modify their firewall rules to include this IP address for your Bank.
  • Are there multi-factor authentication devices that are required to access the Internet Websites (e.g., fingerprint scanner, virtual keys, key fobs, etc.)? Be sure to bring these devices on test day.
  • Be sure to bring support contact phone numbers for the Internet Websites you will be testing.

Bring the Following Items on Test Day:

  • List of Internet Website URLs that will be required for specific test scenarios.
  • System administrator IDs and passwords for systems being tested.
  • User IDs and passwords for applications being tested.
  • Checks, deposit tickets, general ledger tickets (based on test script) required for teller and branch capture testing.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication devices required for secure access to Internet Websites (as applicable).
  • Processing procedures required to complete test scenarios.
  • Core Processor disaster support personnel contact information.
  • The Bank vendor list (with current vendor contact information) should they be needed to troubleshoot issues with specific test scenarios.
  • The Bank’s third party IT vendor contact information.

Transaction Processing Tips

Core Processor Application Tips

Transactions processed to your Core Processor applications will be posted as “live” transactions. Consider using internal bank accounts or test accounts (if available).

Branch Capture Processing and Transmission

Branch capture batch transmission will be posted as a “live” batch. The Bank may either:

  • Create a test batch using internal account numbers or test accounts and transmit/post for review the next business day, or
  • Use an existing batch of work and perform all functions EXCEPT transmission to test the application functionality. Transmission of this type of batch will result in duplicate posting and will affect customers, applications and the general ledger.

Local Area Network

The Local Area Network (LAN) restored from virtual images within the RS LiveSite Disaster Recovery Test Center is a “mirror image” of the production systems at the Bank. Transactions processed on these systems will not affect production systems.

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