About Recovery Solutions

RS has mobile bank facilities specifically configured to the needs of the financial industry. We understand financial services, operations, and information technology requirements. RS possesses the experience, staff and technology you will need to effectively test your business continuity plan. Our team will make process improvement recommendations, where applicable, following each test to assist your institution in retaining current back-up and recovery strategies.

From the time of engagement, RS will assist you with creating a comprehensive “road map” to business resumption. RS has proven our ability to help clients restore critical business functions within hours of actual disaster situations. Along with our sophisticated satellite-based technology system, we offer a true turnkey solution providing your institution with planning, back-up and recovery options, technical support and operations, compliance support to ensure that your annual test successfully exercises your critical systems and functions, in order to meet your defined recovery objectives. RS has a strong understanding of all FFIEC Information Technology Guidance including Business Continuity, Incident Response, Vendor Management, Information Security, Privacy, IT Strategic Planning and Electronic Banking.

We have 125 combined years of financial industry experience in all aspects of FFIEC Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery compliance and risk management practices. Since 2005, our ultimate focus has been to dedicate our expertise to the financial industry and deliver complete business resumption planning and disaster recovery services.

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