Mobile Banking Facility

When an enrolled client declares a disaster, RS will configure, deploy and deliver a Mobile Bank Facility (within hours of notification) allowing you to restore your normal …

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In the event of a disaster, you will have immediate access to the equipment necessary to service your customers. As part of the Mobile Bank Facility, Recovery…

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Satellite / 4G communications

Provide encrypted high-speed Internet access through its sophisticated satellite network to gain access to the outside world when main communications  …

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Disaster Recovery Testing

The “LiveSite” Disaster Recovery Test methodology allows your institution to restore critical technology, communications, and financial applications and exercise critical…

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The current trend of continuous dangerous weather patterns has made many companies more aware of their potential loss of business if disaster should strike…

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Business Continuity Services

The Recovery Solutions Consulting Team has a wealth of  experience developing and delivering the following Business Continuity services to financial institutions…

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About Recovery Solutions

RS has mobile bank facilities specifically configured to the needs of the financial industry. We understand financial services, operations, and information technology requirements. RS possesses the experience, staff and technology you will need to effectively test your business continuity plan. Our team will make process improvement recommendations, where applicable, following each test to assist your institution in retaining current back-up and recovery strategies…

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