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MBF Exterior
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Satellite Communications
Satellite Communications

Mobile Bank Facility

The current trend of continuous dangerous weather patterns has made many companies more aware of their potential loss of business if disaster should strike. More than 43% of businesses never re-open their doors and 51% close their businesses within two years after they have experienced devastation by a hurricane, tornado, flood, or other destructive catastrophe. Consider the financial impact that would affect your institution if it were not able to open for business due to a disaster. What would be the impact if your institution could not restore business resumption within a day, a week, or an entire revenue period? It is an overwhelming concept, when you consider all of the elements of restoration to resume normal business operations in your institution if disaster should strike.

Recovery Solutions provides its enrolled clients with a complete mobile disaster recovery solution. Recovery Solutions offers a fleet of fully integrated mobile banks with necessary computer technology to allow for business resumption within 12 to 72 hours from notification. The mobile disaster recovery banks are furnished with a sophisticated satellite communication dish network, VoIP satellite based telephone system, Windows File Server(s), PC workstations and various laser & banking printers and a diesel generator. This combination of facilities, equipment, and technology allows Recovery Solutions to provide an entirely self sufficient retail business resumption solution for the financial services industry. 

Mobile Banking Facility Images

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Inside Mobile Banking Facility

Images from inside a mobile banking facility

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  • MBF Lobby.JPG
  • Safe.JPG
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  • Teller Line 2.JPG
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Outside Mobile Banking Facility

Images from outside Mobile Banking Facility

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  • Folder.jpg
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Satellite Communications Images

Images of Satellite Communications Network

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  • datastorm satellite 2.jpg
  • datastorm satellite.jpg
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Mobile Banking Facility Floor Plans

Floor Plans of our Mobile Banking Facilities

  • 14x66-Floor-Plan.jpg
  • RS Modular plans -24x561.jpg
  • Normal Furniture Plan B080609_Model.jpg
Modular Bank Facility Features:
  • Modular Bank Facility (14’ x 66’; 24’ x 66’)
  • Safe / Night Deposit Box
  • Drive-up window
  • 1 – 4 Private Offices
  • Under counter equipment  
  • New account desk and chairs    
  • Teller counters
  • Toilet facilities
  • Copper plumbing
  • Electrical heat and air conditioning 
  • 225 amp main electrical panel
  • Teller Stations
  • Check desk
  • Ready to dispatch within 12 - 72 hours from notification