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Disaster Recovery Services

Your institution’s ability to demonstrate that you will be able to recover your business in the event of a catastrophe is critical. The FFIEC Business Continuity Guidance of 2008 requires that financial institutions develop Business Continuity Plans and test their business resumption and contingency plans on an annual basis. Recovery Solutions (RS) can provide assurance that financial transactions will be conducted seamlessly for bank customers under nearly any circumstance. Knowing that your institution is fully prepared to continue serving your customers is a proactive measure providing peace of mind prior to a disaster.

Mobile Banking Facilities
Recovery Solutions provides its enrolled clients with a complete mobile disaster recovery solution. Recovery Solutions offers a fleet of fully integrated mobile banks with necessary computer technology to allow for business resumption within 12 to 72 hours from notification. The mobile disaster recovery banks are furnished with a sophisticated satellite communication dish network, VoIP satellite based telephone system, Windows File Server(s), PC workstations and various laser & banking printers and a diesel generator.

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MBF Leasing
Recovery Solutions provides a full-service solution to the financial industry.  Apart from its unique “Turn-key” disaster recovery program, RS offers a variety of lease options to fit your needs.  A temporary mobile bank facility can be the perfect answer when you need to provide a full-service retail business in which to service your customers, while a permanent location is under construction.  RS lease options range from a single-wide (12’ x 56’) facility to an over-large double-wide (30’ x 70’) facility.  All RS mobile facilities are fully integrated to imitate a “Bank” environment from Teller counters to Drive-up windows.

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Enrollment / Testing
At Recovery Solutions (RS), our team has the expertise to assist your institution in planning, facilitating and documenting all types of BCP testing (e.g., comprehensive “LiveSite” disaster recovery testing within a Mobile Financial Facility, functional tabletop testing, pandemic tabletop testing, call tree testing and fire drill testing).  Our team has expertise and tools to guide your team in developing an effective test plan and to then assist them in performing these annual tests.

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